Socijalni i životni savetnik


A gift for which someone will be grateful for the rest of their lives. This book has helped many people learn how to live. You can choose the English or French version of the book.

Imagine someone gives you the opportunity to live a life without worries and everyday problems, stress and fears, without constant problems related to money, health, to live a life filled with a sense of happiness, joy of life and love, that you selflessly receive and give to others.

Would you accept such an offer?

       Save your precious time and money. Online purchase of this book is the ideal solution for you. You can gift the book to anyone you care about. The person to whom you give a book will be infinitely grateful to you, because with the help of this book they will learn how to live. You can easily check if it is really so if you buy the book for you in PDF or Kindle format through the AMAZON or Rakuten kobo platforms that work in your country.

       In this way, you too will learn how you should live in order to be happy and satisfied with your life. Learn how to control thoughts and emotions; Change your previous attitude towards worries and problems; Learn how to control and eliminate stress and fears; How to live your life now instead of in the past and future; Discover the strength and power of gratitude and the beauty of living in a state of gratitude; How to love others but at the same time love and appreciate yourself;

       This book will help you learn that money should be an important means of your life but not the main source of your happiness; Your focus should be on good health, not disease prevention; The book will remind you how important it is to practice sports, hang out with friends and spend time in nature…

        You will learn a lot more, but this is more than enough reason to start working on yourself and to witness positive mentions in your life very quickly.

        Behind me is a thorny and interesting life path. I learned a lot along the way. I’am happy to impart my experience and knowledge to you through this book, with the hope that you will find it useful. I am truly happy and grateful for this opportunity.